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I’ve learned 95% of my German pronunciation by listening to a Dutch woman sing show tunes in German.

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the phantom of the opera

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I’m not proud of the way that I’ve acted

#Honestly I agree with Alex this would have been a lot better if the show was just about Raoul and Christine fixing their marraige (via thesirentrick)

Mhmm. Agreed! Gimme more Christine and Raoul, please.

Love Never Dies, a musical about the de Chagnys picking up the broken pieces of their marriage after the traumatic Phantom experience.  The Phantom is still in it, but not as a threat to their marriage; he appears as Christine’s conscience, trying to encourage her to leave Raoul.  In the end, the two realize that they both went through too much to give up on their romance and after much emotional conflict, they reconcile, emerge from their grief, and finally begin life anew because Love Never Dies.

THIS! This is what Love Never Dies should have been.

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I read this in a phic once and I had to close my browser from shock

This is hystErikal

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*goes into the ramin tag*


*swiftly leaves ramin tag*

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  “Everything I’ve ever told you about myself was true. 
I haven’t any people, I haven’t any history,
because I haven’t happened yet.”
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Love is not a victory march.
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